All The Things they Say

I’m back!!

Lea: I just had sex with Naya in our Rachel and Santana clothes
*Cory smirks at how pimp Lea is*
Naya: Guess where this finger was. Come on guess.

*gif not mine*

"You’re so on my list, dwarf"

"The list of girls I’m going to fuck into oblivion"

Naya and Lea: *Gonna get laaaaid!*

Naya: *Buyin’ bagels for my lady!*
Lea: Are you looking at her ass!? That’s mine!

Lea: If I let you buy me bagels, will you let me play with your boobs later?
Naya: I woulda let you do that anyways, but…sure!

Naya: I’ll pay for these, NiNi.
Lea: You don’t have to do that, Snix.
Naya: I insist!

Naya: It’s alright. I’ll let you ride my face tonight, I promise.
Lea: Ok.                           

Santana: So about that whole sitting on my face thing we did this weekend-
Rachel: Shh, Finn’s coming. Look like you hate me.
Santana: More like I ate you.                           

Santana: I have a taste for pussy.
Rachel: Mine in particular.                           

Rachel: I’m really glad we worked things out and have become so close but do you still have to call me dwarf?
Santana: Look, Rachel, we’ve been friends for like 6 months now.
Rachel: So?
Santana: So when are my benefits gonna kick in?